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"When things fall apart, the Asher Law office is here to help"

Resolving conflict in our relationships is part of daily life.  When the conflict erupts in legal action, it can be come overwhelming and confusing.  We understand the overpowering emotions that surface when dealing with a family crisis.  Trying to find a way through the legal process on your own can lead to frustration and legal mistakes that may have significant consequences on your final outcome. Family Law is the core of the Asher Law Office legal practice.

We can help you find your way with professional and affordable services in the areas of divorce, child custody and placement, child support, maintenance, paternity, post-divorce and post-custody matters.  The attorneys and support staff are dedicated to ensuring our clients achieve the best possible outcome.   At the Asher Law Office, we do not handle cases, we handle people. 

We can be your legal voice so you can concentrate on caring for yourself and your family by calling us today at 715-720-0972 to schedule an appointment.